I'm throwing myself a Welcome Home party and y'all are invited! 🎉
  1. Heyyyyyyyyyyy!
    Guys, it's been forever! How are you?! It's great to see you!
  2. Today is my first official day off in a very long time.
    And it feels freaking amazing!
  3. Since about March I've been having to tell people, "give me until May, then I can get back to you and discuss... (insert new/important thing here).
  4. Seriously, about a month ago this guy asked me out on a date and my actual response was to flick dubiously through my calendar and say "hmmmm, I can fit you in 4 weeks from today at 4pm, is that okay?".
    Suffice it to say I don't think I'll be meeting him then.. And I've been single for a long time, ladies and gents, and I literally couldn't make time for that.. That's how's busy I've been.
  5. I thought I knew what it meant to hit my capacity.. But I have found a whole new definition for being stretched thin.
    I'm kind of proud of it, to be honest, but mostly just exhausted.. There have been many break downs over this period of time. But I came out the other side pretty much in one piece!
    And I finally get to return to this lovely land of lists because time has been returned to me like that $20 note you find in your jean pocket a month later.
  7. But seriously, I go away for a month and everything is different here.. What's going on?
  8. This aesthetic is freaking me out a little.
  9. What are these non-caps titles?
  10. Are GIFS still cool or taboo?
  11. More importantly, did I miss the hundreds of Beyoncé Lemonade themed lists?
  12. But it's good to be back and have a bit of free time. Here's what I've been up to!
  13. I started my contract with Limitless Dance Company.
    We had two weeks straight of rehearsal, weekends included, 9am-7pm dancing/creating every day to put together an hour show. This is basically unheard of. It's a long and crazy story, list to come!
  14. I finished off my trimester at uni with a great show!
    The work I created, 'Trajectory', finally got performed on stage by my beautiful cast! It was an incredible feeling, like nothing else. I'm so sad it's over.. I'm grieving the fact that I have to let it go.. It was the best thing and most fulfilling thing I've done so far in my life.
  15. So all of my assessments, my final prac exams, the choreography I've had stored in my brain for three months, can all be put to the wayside!
    I can now free up like 70% of my brain space. Welcome back, best friends birthday dates!
  16. And now I'm just three weeks out from my shows with the company!
    We're still working super hard on the show, but I just don't have to juggle it with everything else I was managing before, so I can actually focus on and enjoy it!
  17. But before that happens, I'm just taking a few days to sleep, let my body recover, and eat a ton of delicious food!
  18. I feel like I don't quite know what to do with myself today though.. Or for the rest of the week.. What is free time? How do I organise it?
  19. Anyway, what did I miss?
  20. Seriously, link me to your most interesting lists! Anything you think I'll like! It's not bragging, I genuinely want to know!
    Because God knows I can't scroll through my feed and back date for over a month. I'm on a break, but don't have that much free time.
  21. Catch me up, tell me everything over a virtual cup of coffee.
  22. I'll be here, finally taking some deep breaths and sleeping in.
  23. It's lovely to be back :)