Requested by @eetak
It's actually kind of a cool story! Emphasis on 'kind of'.. Maybe? I don't know. Here goes...
  1. I was in a coffee shop in London, exploiting the free wifi, and researching a company for a dance audition I was doing later that week.
  2. This guy came up to me (the photographer), very politely struck up a conversation and asked if I was a dancer.
    Nothing creepy here; he was an older man with a kind smile & vibe. And a legitimate business proposition. He checked out. All good!
  3. He explained that he mostly took head shots for actors, but wanted to expand his portfolio. So he offered me a half price shoot for some head & action shots in exchange for the extra time and practice he would get!
    Head shots are damn expensive. So half price was an offer I couldn't refuse!
  4. He gave me his card. I checked out his website and organised a shoot later that week!
  5. Now, as he predominately worked with actors, I ended up with shots that, ummmm, aren't very conducive with the "I'm a confident & trustworthy dancer, please hire me" feeling I generally look for..
    Why so serious?
  6. BUT, the other shots worked out extremely well, and I've been able to use them for over 2 years now!
    Because I haven't really changed my look/hair/anything physical.. And because he did a great job.
  8. So I get to look off into the distance, poignantly, for a long, long time.
  9. End of story. FINITO!
  10. Thanks for the request @eetak! 👏🏻