@TQ this list request is on point! I feel I am an expert and you have come to the right place 😉👌🏻 James Corden for examples because he is a close second for dancing in cars, I just don't have the gifs.
  1. "Please keep all arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times".
  2. Is something you will not be hearing from me!
  3. Throw all of the rules you thought you knew out the window.
  4. Along with your dancing limbs because my first tip is literally to dance like everyone is watching. Because they are.
    This means you gotta let other drivers/passengers around you know what's up. Make use of the extra space outside the car by using your extremities through a window to fist pump, wave and high kick along to your jams.
  5. Do not let the seatbelt restrict you.
    Think of it as an opportunity to expand our repertoire and try new things.
  6. Red lights are super important dance party times and you gotta make the most of them.
    Make people look at you. Entertain them. Say you're welcome.
  7. Bonus points if you can start a car-conga-line by getting others on board.
  8. For inner car dance hotness. Go with the following:
  9. The foot tap.
    Classic, easy, never goes out of style. Yeah, tap that.
  10. The head bob/bang.
  11. The shimmy.
  12. Car vogueing.
  13. The robot.
    A strong choice but should be used only when required, not liberally.
  14. The Single Ladies.
    Good and compact and always effective.
  15. The Tiger.
    For all of your Lion King medleys.
  16. The hair toss.
    Risky. Should only be performed by experts.
  17. Things to avoid:
  18. Ballet will be difficult.
  19. Also avoid twirling...
    Sorry. You can't twirl on the haters in your car. Save it for the streets.
  20. No twerking.
    Get out of my car.
  21. But pace yourself, team.
  22. Just remember to choose your playlists correctly and go with the flow. Have fun and dance your hearts out. Because a car is as good a place as any to dance.