Last Night I Dipped My Toe Back Into The Dating-World Pool.

And I'm bringing you along for the ride, obvs. Oh and Jimmy Fallon is helping me with this one.
  1. So I just had a date with CCGC.
    If you'd like to catch up, check out the first instalment, there was an update: Inner Thoughts VS. Outer Facade Whilst In Conversation With Cute-Coffee-Guy-Crush.
  2. It was my first good date in a really, really ridiculously long time.
    And by good date I mean.. I don't even know. Just zero awkwardness and this guy isn't a weirdo or completely disrespectful.
  3. We kept it pretty casual with dinner and a movie.
  4. He picked me up and met my little dog at the door.
    She's so cute. You can't not love her. She scores me points. Thanks, Rubix.
  5. The night started with a shot of Cafe Patrón.
    Very unusual for me...
  6. Then a bottle of wine.
    Regular. Nothing new here. Moving on.
  7. Thai for dinner, he made a sneaky reservation, and did a sneaky pay.
  8. Banter, banter, banter.
    Much banter. Much flow. Much charm on both sides.
  9. He also knew one of the waiters there, and we got an off-the-menu entree, compliments of the chef.
    First time EVER in my life! I'm still unsure if this was set up beforehand but it was delicious & impressive & definitely scores points. Food always scores points.
  10. But I payed for the movies to even things out.
    I believe my words were "Put that wallet away, mister!".
  11. Movie was average. Electricity between arms touching on the seat dividers was very above average.
  12. Walking in the rain to get to the car and not giving a damn.
  13. Sharing music on the drive home.
  14. At the end of the evening, at the point of the 'goodnights', I sent him home with a good goodnight.
    It was like whoah and phwoar all in one.
  15. OOFT though. That was a good date.
    It's about time!
  16. Props to you, CCGC.
    I might need to find a new anagram-ish name for him soon though..