Life Advice I Need From Karen Walker Right Now.

Directly applying to the previous & forthcoming 24 hours. Anastasia Beaverhausen, spread your sage wisdom.. HALP!
  1. Should I have another glass of wine?
    Yes. Liquid courage.. I need that tonight, thank you, Karen!
  2. Should I text him again? Maybe he just forgot to reply.. I'll just prompt him?
    Whoahh whoah okay! I get the message. I'll leave it.
  3. Student life is hard, Karen!
    Well, I'd kill for a fiver in my purse right now, okay? Don't rub it in..
  4. How do you avoid terrible conversations & small talk at parties?
    Good call, K.
  5. *Walks into classes looking like a hot mess*
    You're right, Karen, you're right.. I need to just put in a little effort and get my shit together!
  6. How can I best get through my last trimester at uni without killing anybody?
    Ahh yes, clever tactic, I like it.
  7. Ditto. ☝🏻
  8. How do I tell these guys to stop harassing me and my friend? They're disgusting. They keep asking why we refuse to talk to them?!
    I'm gonna quote this line directly. Thank you, Poodle.
  9. Karen, how do you stay so self-confident/ensure a positive body image?
    Okay, well, I'm basically less than an A-cup.. But.. Alright.
  10. There's just so much stuff going on in life, and I'm trying to resolve/finish things as quickly as possible. How do you manage stress?
    Alrighty, but just for a little while, I have things to do.
  11. I'm not sure how helpful this has been, K, but some of it was great! Thanks, I think..