To see if we remain flawless. According to advertisements/the media. All of these ads are 30 seconds or less & it kills me.
  1. "You still smell okay. Carry on."
    A deodorant ad from Nivea. It shows a busy, working woman, running around her life. But also this man checking in, just to make sure she has no odour because that's not allowed.
  2. "You're lips are still a bright colour at the end of this long evening. This is acceptable."
    A lipstick ad for Maybelline. Same deal, a busy woman living her life with beautiful lips. Out of literally nowhere, we see this man just checking she's still beautiful at the end of the night.
  3. "Your eyelashes, lady, are looking full and long, even though you're a criminal. Kudos."
    A mascara ad from Rimmel. Be the most dangerous, seductive, perfect prisoner.
  4. "Let me see your flawless skin. Not a pore in sight. Excellent. You may continue your workout."
    A foundation ad from L'oreal because your foundation must resist sweat because otherwise men will know that you're human. They're watching, see?
  5. "Random teeth check, ma'am, let me see how pearly your whites are, immediately."
    Crest teeth whitening strips. Because this man is only smiling at you because you have white teeth. This ad started out as a ladies road trip! WHY?!
  6. "I am satisfied with your long, shiny hair. You are granted leave from your house today."
    Herbal Essences shampoo ad. Also, please stop sexualising shampoo ads! I went through a bunch of these on mute and all of the women look like they're having orgasms and I can tell you right now I never have whilst washing my hair. I'm clearly doing it wrong.
  7. Why?
  8. I'm done.
  9. I'm out.
  10. Stop making these things about men. Stop the men watching us.
    That's not why I use deodorant or wear make up or wash my damn hair.
  11. The men I know do not go into elevators and sniff women.
  12. They do not look at lipstick or foundation and go 'DAMN, that looks like it's stayed on ALL DAY! Good for you. Let's go on a date!'
  13. Stop perpetuating this idea that we have to constantly be perfect because there's a chance a man will be in our presence.
  14. It's subliminal messaging and it's gross.
  15. Next time you watch some ads on tv, look out for this stuff. I sadly guarantee that you'll find it.
  16. Rant over. ✌🏻️
  17. Giphy