1. Getting in early because it's already Christmas here for us!
  2. So...
  3. Merry Christmas you beautiful people!
    Or Christmas Eve for you. Or whatever holiday you're celebrating!
  4. I hope you find some peace and joy.
  5. It's hot here.
  6. I'm about to head to the beach with my family.
  7. We ate mangoes and cherries and avocados for breakfast and there is a big summer feast in the works for lunch/dinner.
  8. Did I mention it's hot here?
    You probably already knew that...
  9. So, for you, get all snugly and enjoy the winter for me. And I'll send you some sunshine.
  10. Much, much love to you all.
  11. 🎄❄️🌞
  12. UPDATE: We were good traditional Aussies and spent the morning at the beach. (This is just my immediate family).
    But my sister has been overseas for 2 years and this is the first time we've had her home for Christmas since then! 'Twas delightful ☺
  13. Static