For reals..
  1. One day I'll accidentally push 'publish' instead of 'save as draft' on a completely incomplete list.
    Extra scary when I've been drinking wine and listing..
  2. SIDEBAR: if they had DUIs for listing (LUI?), I'd absolutely have my account blocked by now.
    Can you imagine breathalysers for social media apps? (I'm sure someone has that Patent Pending..)
  3. Anyway, it literally terrifies me. Every single time.
    And I have a lot of drafts back here.
  4. They should have an option for people like me who would never dare publish a list without at least sitting on the idea for a while.
    And then you have to input a password in order to be 100% sure you're ready to publish your list.
  5. This list was saved in my drafts for two days.
    Enough said.