There were always signs though, let's be honest.
  1. It's 9pm on Saturday night.
  2. These kids across the street are having party & singing their guts out.
    It's someone's birthday I think. But don't normal people just go out for a nice brunch these days? That's what I did! It was super lovely!
  3. I am just so exhausted.
    It's been a big week. I'm at that point of tiredness where anything can make you crack. Anything. And these 'kids-these-days' kids chose the wrong night to have fun.
  4. All I wanna do is drink my cup of tea, and nod off in peace.
    Oh, I bought some new tea today! Very exciting. Further proof of nanna-ness. Moving on..
  5. And I'm seriously about to put my dressing gown on and storm over there in a huff!
    I've always wanted to do something in a huff.
  6. Their musical features include;
  7. Kiss From A Rose.
    Pretty pitchy.
  8. Let It Go from Frozen.
    Come on now.
  9. And Bohemian Rhapsody.
    No one there is Freddy Mercury's reincarnated spirit.
  10. Guys, I'm that tired. It's beyond description.
    Giphy downsized medium
    But this is pretty accurate.
  11. Not even @dubstep's wonderful suggestion of the 'Sleep With Me' podcast can help in this situation..
    And that's saying something, because it seriously has changed my being able to get to sleep on other, more peaceful nights! Life changer & legend over here, ladies & gents. 🙏🏻
  12. I'm actually about to have a tantrum & break down in tears like a three year old if their howling into that obscenely loud microphone doesn't stop.
    Why do they have a microphone? Why?
  13. I guess that makes me a nanna & a small child & a very introverted/tired 21 year old.
  14. Yeap. That pretty much sums me up.
  15. Nothing like a plot twist.
    I even surprised myself.
  16. Good(sleepless)night. 💡