Other Anagram-ish Names I'm Thinking Of For CCGC.

I should not have spoken/listed so soon... You can catch up here: Last Night I Dipped My Toe Back Into The Dating-World Pool. if you'd like.
  1. So things have taken an interesting & unexpected turn.. I don't think I need to go into details, these new names should explain.
  2. AHG.
    Ass Hat Guy.
  3. CP.
    Captain Presumptuous.
  4. FWG.
    Fook Wit Guy.
  5. PB.
    Ploy Boy.
    The Should've Called Bull Shit On Him Earlier Guy.
  7. DDSG.
    Disrespectful Dumb Shit Guy.
  8. MOCAOC.
    Mayor Of Condescending And Obnoxious City.
    The Yes Please Tell Me Exactly How I Feel Because Of Course You Know Thankyou Guy.
    That 'I Think You Might Get Very Hurt' Guy.
    The Guy Who Assumes He Knows What You Want.
  12. MrE.
    Mr. Excuses.
    The Guy Who I Refused Sex With So Now Is Being A Giant Jerk.
  14. I feel angry & embarrassed.
  15. I won't delete my last list, I want to, but I won't.
    Not yet, anyway.
  16. I appreciate honesty.. I really do. But...
  17. I got a Facebook message.
    Not even a text or a call. Not even a conversation, just assumptions.
  18. Who are these guys that I meet?!
  19. How did I read the whole thing completely wrong?
  20. Acting.?
  21. I was so excited... He seemed so genuine.
    Now I just feel like I have another reason to be guarded. *Adds another brick to wall*.
  22. Oh, one more! MLBHNGDSQ.
    My Lady Boner Has Never Gone Down So Quickly. Guy...
  23. Alright, bye.