Paul Rudd Dance Moves: Ranked.

Because I'm 12 weeks away from finishing my degree and that makes me a dance expert.*
  1. Today I had my final first day of semester EVER of my university degree!
    And here's how I'm celebrating..
  2. 10: Classic.
  3. 9: Flawless.
  4. 8: These are not spirit fingers..
  5. 7: Sass.
  6. 6: Jazz drag, good call, always solid.
  7. 5: YASSS get that shimmy!
  8. 4: Be still my beating heart.
  9. 3: Slay.
  10. 2: Props for commitment.
  11. 1: The winner.
    Yes. Yes. All of the yesses!
  12. *Not technically a dance expert but hey, you can't be mad.. Because.. Paul Rudd.
    You're welcome.