People Who Have Asked Me "So, what are you going to do once you graduate?"

I finish my degree is 23 days. But who's counting? Oh yeah, me. I am.
  1. My mum.
  2. Best friends.
  3. Uni teachers.
  4. My mum.
  5. Uni peers.
  6. Dance company director/other dancers.
  7. My mum.
  8. My mum's friends.
  9. Dad.
  10. Aunties/uncles.
  11. My mum.
  12. Random shop lady.
  13. My mum.
  14. New neighbours next door.
  15. My mum.
  16. Mummy.
  17. Mother dearest.
  18. Mamma.
  19. Madre.
  20. Ma.
  21. The woman I look like.
  22. The womb of my fruits.
  23. The lady who made me.
  24. My first home.
  25. You get the point... It's relentless & I literally give the same answer every time.
    And I know she means well.
  26. But graduation is so close!
  27. Oh, and I've been quiet. I know. Sorry team. But things are hectic (what's new?) and I'm just trying to get myself to the finish line in one piece.
    I'll even settle for two or three at this point.
  28. See you in 23 days though!
    After I've slam dunked the crap out of this degree. 👊🏻