In just the last 48 hours..
  1. I didn't realise how much this affected me until I actually spoke the words out loud to a friend and felt the tears fill my eyes.
  2. I've always been able to shake off catcalls & random men having a play at me.
    In some way, it comes with the work I do. But that's still no excuse.
  3. But in just the last two days, I've had two situations that have really made me so uncomfortable & sick to my stomach.
  4. And I just can't sleep tonight thinking about them..
    So here's my list.
  5. 1. A man tried to kiss me at work today.
    I was a hostess walking around a family shopping centre with an Easter Bunny giving out chocolate eggs to kids. Harmless, wonderful work! I love job!
  6. He approached me, shook the bunny's hand, and then proceeded to lean in and actually pucker his lips and make that kissing sound.
    And then when I refused him, he looked shocked & said "what, no kisses for me?!". No.
  7. I froze. But after refusing him a second & third time, I finally got away.
  8. 2. A friend of my mothers/my family texted me out of the blue to tell me that he's been "thinking about me" & that he "needs to see me soon".
    He's married with children. I see him maybe once a month, max. And I've always gotten a creepy vibe, my instinct always kicks in around him.
  9. Then, when he saw that I'd read his message and did not reply, he tried to make me feel guilty about it & was very passive aggressive.
    I still did not respond, because, no, I will not respond to that!
  10. THEN my mother told me that he'd called her and mentioned that I did not respond. And asked me why I didn't.
  11. And I could not bring myself to tell her that my radar went off the charts around him. That his messages made me feel hugely uncomfortable & his behaviour was unwarranted.
    Why is he even texting me?!
  12. I realise there are worse situations that have happened, and this is by far very tame, and probably harmless interactions with fine intentions (number 2).
  13. But I have to trust my instincts, don't I?
  14. I think what gets me is the realisation that I've finally reached my limit for it.
  15. It's making me unable to sleep tonight.
  16. And I feel helpless in actually doing anything about it.
  17. I'm just so done.
  18. What can I do? What can I say next time? How can I respond to these texts?
  19. I really needed to vent & get advice..
    Sorry, but thank you!
  20. Now, I'm going to go eat chocolate & binge watch happy tv shows until I fall asleep! 😴
    Thanks for listening! 🙏🏻