Thanks for this @Lisa_Fav! I don't self promote a lot.. This feels a little weird... BUT I'll fulfil the request because I love ya'll and if you wanna see some dance moves then here ya go! 💃🏻
  1. I choreographed & performed in this cool clip for singer Emma Louise.
    Directed/produced by Infinity Squared Productions & just an awesome team of people involved!
  2. Also, I was in this clip last year for the same singer with the same team!
    Probably the most difficult shoot I've ever been on. But all worth it!
  3. 'Learning Curve' was a piece I choreographed last year and it won an award for Most a Innovative Choreography at a festival.
    Performed with Sophie Carter & Michael Northey.
  4. I did a photoshoot with a photographer friend of mine. You can see more shots if you have a browse through the rest of the album!
    Static Matthew Dollin Photographer Extraordinaire!
  5. This was two years ago! A work I choreographed and it also won an award for Best Duet at a competition.
    This is a shortened version for filming purposes. Performed with my wonderful dance-twin/partner in crime Sophie Carter.
  6. Whoah three years ago BLAST FROM THE PAST! A small segment from one of the first professional shows I ever did!
    I'm definitely a very different dancer now... But this was fun. And I just finished off another contract/run of shows with the same company! DUTI Dance Co.
  7. Unfortunately a lot of the more recent company/live work I've done hasn't been put up yet... But guys, if you're ever in Sydney! 😉
  8. And also, if any of you do anything at all, I wanna see it! Send me your links in return!
  9. Okay, dancing & prancing off into the distance now. Byeeee. ✌🏻️💃🏻