Songs Not To Dance To.

I mean.. You can... But I would advise against it. Thanks for the epic request @DavidRobson!
  1. National Anthems.
    For many reasons, obviously, let's not be disrespectful. But ALSO because; weirdness, no rhythm, very little build etc etc etc. It's impossible.
  2. Für Elise - Beethoven.
    Beautiful, yes. Over done, double yes. And because you can't do this to it 👆🏻
  3. Christmas Hymns such as Away In A Manger.
    I'd suggest gentle swaying only. But leave room between you and your partner, for Jesus.
  4. That 'apple bottom jeans/boots with the fur' song.
    Too lazy to google the real name. If it comes on in a club, this is your bathroom song.
  5. I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston.
    Great for belting. Maybe with some flamboyant arm movements for decoration. But only to be sung, in my opinion.
  6. Wild Horses - Daryl Braithwaite.
    What are you going to pretend to be? A wild brumby with a mane billowing in the wind? No. Do not dance to this song. Sing it with gusto though.
  7. I'm Like A Bird - Nelly Furtado.
    No one likes a bird on the dance floor. No flapping, you'll take someone's eye out.
  8. Crazy Frog - Axel F.
    Please, make it stop. Let's just avoid animals all together.
  9. We Like To Party! - Vengaboys.
    Jazzy/bouncy, yes. But don't be a bus, either.
  10. However, if Napoleon Dynamite taught us anything...
    Other than this flawless choreography.
  11. It's that anything is possible.
  12. Don't li.sten to me.
  13. Go out and dance yourselves silly!
  14. ✌🏻️
    And vote for Pedro.