Songs That Got Stuck In My Head Today.

Just one, actually. For literally no rhyme or reason. It's a circus up here 💆🏻
  1. I Will Follow Him - from Sister Act.
  2. Why?
    I have not watched this movie recently.
  3. Who knows.
  4. But it's there...
  5. With all of the choreography.
    *Epic choreography.
  6. I'm actually not too mad about it.
  7. At least it's boppy.
  8. But it's been all day, I'd appreciate some sleep.
    Okay well, let's not go that far.
  9. Okay, Whoopi?
  10. Whoopi, just chill. Please.
    8 hours, then you can come back!
  11. Thanks Whoopi, love you.
    You sass queen, you.