If you have any explanations or similar experiences I'd really love to hear it! Holla at me so I don't feel so strange!
  1. These have been accrued over time. But all in the last 5 years. Prepare for some weirdness, people!
  2. 1. ——
  3. Being heavily pregnant, going into labour and having to journey through obstacles and ridiculous scenarios to get to a hospital.
    Note: I definitely have never been pregnant.
  4. These include; climbing very steep mountains, swimming across bodies of water, trying to get people to give me a lift in their car but nobody responding to me.
  5. But I never actually have the baby, every time I make it to the hospital and wake up just before the baby comes out.
  6. This series of dreams lasted about 2.5 weeks straight.
    So I should have around 16 kids by now.
  7. 2. ——
  8. I would be outside in a public place; like a shopping centre or a park.
  9. Over a loudspeaker (out of nowhere) an automated voice would come on and simply say "A bomb".
  10. And then explosions would happen all around me and I'd wake up.
  11. Lasted about 2 weeks. Every night.
    I've died about 12 times in a row!
  12. 3. ——
  13. I'd be at some coastal location, nothing specific, just near a beach.
  14. A tsunami would be approaching from the distance. I can see the tide pulling in and the wall of water approaching.
  15. I'd scurry to make it to higher ground, constantly climbing, constantly racing against the water that was looming.
  16. Every single time there'd be a group of people already at the top of this mountain/peak and they were yelling at me to go faster and come to them.
  17. The water would always catch me just before & I'd get swept away.
  18. Lasted like 1.5 weeks.
    Drowning is not so fun.
  19. 4. ——
  20. For a whole week last year I had no voice in my dreams.
  21. I was always getting chased by a man and I just couldn't scream or say anything.
  22. A whole, terrifying week.
    Real life Little Mermaid struggles.
  23. ——
  24. So, all in all; babies, bombs, natural disasters & mutism.
  25. The mind is a wondrous thing! 🙇🏻💭