I've been surrounded by a lot of negativity lately, so this request has come at the right time. It has helped me to reinforce my shield, if you will, and allow me to pass some simple joy onto others who need some refreshment. So thank you, @jessicaz, it was a joy to write! 🌞
  1. My weekly coffee date with my best friend.
  2. Walking out of the house with no make up on.
    And feeling confident AF because, nowadays, I truly believe that I'm more impressive and beautiful without it.
  3. Smiling at strangers I pass on the street.
  4. People watching.
  5. Giving friends compliments.
  6. Getting the house to myself for an evening.
    Rare, but so delicious & wonderful.
  7. Any alone time that allows me to recharge my batteries after a long day of being around people.
  8. When the wind picks up & pushes me at my back while I'm walking down the street.
    I feel like something is helping me to move forward in the direction I'm supposed to go in.
  9. Coming out of my dance classes, covered in sweat, and feeling super accomplished.
    I get this spark of joy approximately every 90 minutes, 4-5 times a day. It is often short lived, but pretty great; I'm very lucky.
  10. Just dancing in general.
  11. Inspirational women.
    E.g Misty Copeland.
  12. My morning cup of green tea.
  13. And eating chocolate. Every day. 🍫
  14. Starting a new book. 📖
    And getting to immerse myself into a brand new story.
  15. So many things, simple & complex, that I can remember to appreciate every day.
    To make life bright in tough times & to bring some joy to others when they may need it.