I turned 22 today.. So here's 22 things I'm looking forward to in my 22nd year of liveliness! 🎈
  1. Finishing uni & having a piece of paper that says I can do something!
    10 days and counting, y'all!
  2. Performing with DUTI Dance Company.
    Show is in 16 days!
  3. Having a rest...
    As much as is possible for the remainder of the year. Or at least September.. I need it.
  4. Collaborating/creating dancey things with really great people!
  5. Seeking out and learning dancey things from new people.
  6. Going away with my family.
  7. Travelling.
    USA or Europe though?
  8. Learning how to cook delicious things.
  9. Reading all of the books!
    The list is ever-growing.
  10. Going on long walks.
  11. Going to the beach more.
    I love so far away from the ocean. I am literally surrounded by bush. Bring me sea & sand!
  12. Salsa dancing.
    I don't like clubbing, but salsa clubs.. I am definitely doing those this year.
  13. Going out to more stand up comedy gigs.
    I cannot do this enough.
  14. More cappuccinos and sweet potato fries with @alexdwyer63.
  15. More drinking with @alexdwyer63.
  16. Going for whatever opportunities present themselves with fearlessness!
    Or at least fear mixed with blind optimism.
  17. Becoming a better teacher/dancer.
    I love my job and I've been doing it for years. But there's always new things to learn. Experience is everything.
  18. Becoming a better human.
    Just in general.
  19. Moving out of home & closer to the city!
    With @alexdwyer63.. Obvs.
  20. More efficient adulting.
    How, though? Let's find out.
  21. Maybe dating?
    Maybe not. Who knows.
  22. Listing.
    Because that's always something to look forward to.