Going out on a limb like bird perched on a precarious branch!
  1. I've decided I need to be more adventurous.
  2. I am a huge introvert. And I think I'm adorable AF so I love my own company.
  3. But, now that a crazy time in my life is over, I can afford to start expanding my horizons a little and take a few more personal risks.
  4. Because, if you can't put yourself out there, things just remain the same.
    And don't get me wrong. I love sameness. Ron Swanson is my spirit animal.
  5. So even taking small steps in this direction is so foreign to me. But I think it's about time!
  6. I just want to experience life a little more, in a social sense..
  7. Not going out and getting hammered, or going clubbing (ew), or changing myself to fit in with the Gen Y crowd.
    I'm an old soul, and I love it.
  8. I refuse to start talking about the Kardashians.
  9. But, I'll start being a little more adventurous & forward. I'll go to a movie alone, I'll make a move on that guy etc etc!
  10. SO! Any challenges guys? Any things you think I should be doing? Rites of passage?
    Baby steps though, people, be kind!
  11. I promise to do them if I can! I'm up for a bit of a change that's maybe an inch or two outside of my regular comfort zone.
  12. And.. GO!