AKA why I hate the digital age.
  1. Okay, so I think I got played a little bit..
  2. Turns out this guy I've been talking to is a bit of a dick in disguise.
  3. I think...
  4. He has a bit of a one track mind/approach to our conversations..
    For the most part. He's always steering it in that direction anyway.
  5. But how was I supposed to know?
    I barely date as it is and have been out of the game for so long; the rules & guidlines & referees have definitely changed..
  6. So 46% of me is like; "Yes, go girl, have some fun, you deserve it! Let it all go and just enjoy this little bit of attention."
  7. More than anything, I hate getting to know people over text. So when he cancelled on coffee it was red flag no. 1 of his fuck boy status.
    Plus he cancelled right after I published that last list. Which is definitely not okay.🚩
  8. But the winning 54% is my conscience reminding me that I deserve better than some guy who just like my photos on Instagram.
    Because I am much more than that.
  9. I deserve at least a cup of coffee and a face-to-face conversation, even before anything casual happens.
  10. So, as you can tell, I don't have a lot of experience in this area.
  11. Because I don't even think I'm looking for anything serious.
    Really, I'm not looking for anything in particular, but.. Come on.
  12. And I've been completely open and honest with him.
  13. I was very clear that I'm not the kind of girl who just jumps into bed or does anything with just anyone.
    I pretty much used those exact words.
  14. And he said he thought that was fair enough..
    Good, great.
  15. Yet, he persists and continues to push a little too much..
    Which feels a bit icky after I've been very upfront with him. And it's painfully obvious what he's trying to do. He thinks he's so sly and I'm not very perceptive. He ain't. I am.
  16. So I'm definitely dealing with a fuck boy here, right?
    I can't even tell. Because he seems pretty cool and is super nice. It's just the other things, the tag lines he adds to the end of sentences.. You know?
  17. And I don't want to lead him on..
    Well, I kind of do, just to be selfish and give him a little taste of medicine.
  18. But I also want to have fun..
    Throw caution to the wind and just go for it in the digital world.
  19. But in a genuine kind of way.. The way in which I don't feel easy to get and compromise my self worth.
  20. "Mate, just get a cup of coffee with me so I can at least meet you!"
    I implore you!
  21. What to do? Please send help and more social skills! 📱
  22. @socks, @roche, @nikkilounoel, @kcupcaker, @andersun please be my official consults.. What am I dealing with here?