Okay, I'm gonna get a little serious. Apologies. But does anyone else ever feel this?
  1. "I like ____, but I don't really understand it, so I don't go to see it..."
    In my experience, the gap equates to dance. I hear it ALL THE TIME. But I feel like it crosses all borders. From painting to writing to music. Etc.
  2. We are surrounded by art all the time & mostly don't even know it.
    Television, architecture, engineering, science.. Literally everything created by humans was conceived in some way by someone's imagination at some point. That's art, my friends.
  3. But 'arty' art; like dance or paintings, theatre or music. Art that is created for the purpose of saying something important in less exact terms; often gets walked passed without a glance.
    Not to mention underfunded, but don't get me started on that.
  4. So let's break down this statement; people are basically telling me that because they don't 'get it', they just won't participate.
  5. That's like me saying, "I enjoy driving cars, but I don't really understand how their engines work, so I won't use one."
  6. Stop being silly.
  7. Art isn't there for people to understand exactly what the creator was thinking when they made it.
  8. It's made so that maybe it will make you realise something, ANYTHING, about yourself or the world happening around you.
  9. That realisation might be completely different than the intention of the artist.
  10. But that's great! What matters is that it changed you in even the slightest way.
    Your perception. Your mood. The way you communicate. Anything. Or even that you could look through someone else's lens for a moment and take in what that's like before going back to your own life.
  11. That's why artists make stuff! We don't want you to see things exactly the same way as us. Artists want you to see something in yourself.
  12. So allow yourself to spend the money, allow yourself to SPEND THE TIME, to go and see how other people view the world.
  13. Just go and support it.
  14. Because without art in life, what's the point? Wouldn't it be boring? Wouldn't you feel stuck and unstimulated?
  15. Go out and see art in all its' forms and glory. Even if you don't understand it.
    Especially if you don't understand it.
  16. How do we fix this misconception?
  17. And more importantly, just keep going and making art, you wonderful people! 🎨
  18. Because this.