I am the master of procrastination.
  1. Three loads of washing.
  2. Grocery shopping.
  3. Drank a lot of tea.
    Green, chai, black. Repeat.
  4. Ate a lot of peanut butter.
  5. Cleaned the bathroom.
  6. Folded washing.
  7. Made an epic pumpkin & lentil curry.
    With deliciously delectable leftovers to last all week!
  8. Watched The Great Gatsby (whilst eating aforementioned curry).
    And wondering where my time machine is..?
  9. Drank wine.
  10. Wrote this list.
  11. *Basically everything except for my essay that's due on Tuesday.
    You know, the one important thing in my to-do list.
  12. Giphy
  13. Giphy