We love that you want to know about the world of dance, it's phenomenal & thank you for your inquiry! But this is the general dialogue I have experienced, and when you answer the same basic questions your whole life, it gets a little frustrating.
  1. Can you do the splits?
    Always one of the first questions, without fail. But, yes.
  2. Can you show me?
  3. Ohh come on, please?!
    No. Please, no. Being able to do the splits is not what makes me a dancer.
  4. Oh, I used to do gymnastics when I was little!
    Greeaaatttttt. Not the same thing. But good for you!
  5. "Oh you're a dancer, like exotic dancing?"
    ME: *walks away*. No beef to exotic dancers, those ladies are powerful AF and incredible! But that's just generally one of the first things I hear.
  6. Contemporary dance? What's that?
    Okay, I don't mind answering this one. It's a good question! But it's very difficult to define & explain without a PowerPoint presentation and lengthy examples. So sit down & get ready for your mind to be blown!
  7. So what are you going to do after you finish with dancing?
    I'm getting my Bachelor of Dance. There is no 'finish'. I will be dancing or having something to do with dance. Dance.
  8. Okay, but how will you support yourself?
    Struggling artists lyf. I understand your concern, I am very aware. Thank you for playing.
  9. If you're a dancer, why are you eating that cake?
    Shhhhhhh... 🍰