Requested by @BWN_7
Thanks for the request @BWN_7!
  1. My university degree.
  2. Even though I'm a dancer and realistically, this piece of paper I'll hold in September, doesn't mean a whole lot in the big wide world of dance.
    Plenty of dancers make it into companies just because their super talented. Which is fantastic. But I wanted more..
  3. And the 5:30am starts & loooongggg days make things super difficult.
  4. So I question it a lot. Because it's a really hard degree to get, it's very, very expensive, and I could be out there earning money and travelling/performing right now.
  5. But the training is great!
  6. And I'm determined to prove my family wrong.
    Everyone (EVERYONE) in my family has or is getting their degree at some of the top Australian universities in very difficult fields. Which is not to say mine is the opposite of that! On the contrary. But, my choice in the fine/liberal arts was difficult for my family to swallow.
  7. While I'm constantly asked "So what does a Bachelor of Dance actually get you?". I just have to smile..
  8. And I tell them that it lets me get wherever I want to go. That's what..
  9. So, I must crawl towards the finish line with every ounce of strength I have left..
    Basically the same.
  10. 💃🏻
  11. Also.. This list. Because I'd hate to just...
  12. ...