Things I Find Impossible To Do.

Listed with dogs because I'm in a puppy adoring kind of mood.
  1. Take short showers.
  2. Start arguments.
    Not so good at the confrontation.
  3. Walk slowly.
    I've got places to be, ya'll. And usually it's because there's food to eat...
  4. Wait for the microwave to finish.
    Give me said foods.
  5. Wear a bra for more than an hour without getting uncomfortable.
    Small boob life. Underwire is the worst.
  6. Nap.
    I'm pretty sure I can count on one hand the number of times I've napped in my life. Sad. I know. Wish I could, but my brain won't allow it.
  7. Respond normally to my close friends when they ask for something simple.
    Sarcasm is life. Play fights are the best.
  8. Go clubbing.
    Not impossible, I guess. I just refuse. Did someone say bed time?
  9. Not watch this gif 1000 times because look at the little sausages!
  10. I'm realising now that I am a dog...
  11. So relatable.
  12. Someone come rub my belly.
  13. Woof.