Perfectly summed up by the 🤔 emoji.
  1. How did mirrors get invented?
    Like, really. How? Who was the first person to ever see their reflection in that way? Were they terrified & did they shout "WITCHCRAFT!"?
  2. Who created our measurement of time?
    In that 60 seconds = 1 minute etc etc etc.
  3. Crowns. Why does having something on your head symbolise status?
    I assume they didn't have gold/jewels etc when this first started coming into practice at the dawn of humans. But why fancy hats? I'm sure there's some psychological factor involved too.. Because it makes the person seem bigger? Is that it?
  4. The actual lyrics to a plethora of songs.
    Uncountable. Therefore, un-Google-able.
  5. Who decided that turning old potatoes into potato juice was a good idea? And made it into an alcoholic beverage?
  6. Vodka is a weird word.. Why did they call it vodka?
  7. What even are eyebrows? And why did these little patches of hair remain on our faces throughout evolution?
    I know, I know, we'd look freaky AF without them. But aside from aesthetics, what purpose do they serve?
  8. How exactly does sand turn into glass?
    Like, on a molecular level.
  9. Psychologically or historically, why are some faces more appealing than others?
  10. Who did the first Nobel Prize go to?
    And what for?
  11. Who are the people who get to decide what an "approved" emoji is and put it on the list? (There is one. They're adding Colbert and his eyebrow apparently.)
    Suggested by @kateofcanada