Part 1 can be found here, if you'd like to ponder unreasonable things about the universe with me..: Things I'm Curious About But Am Too Lazy To Google.
  1. Where did the term 'butter someone up' come from? As in "I'm just buttering them up for...".
    I feel like it's odd to say when you really think about it.. Isn't it? Did anyone ever lather someone in butter in order to get a favour? Why would that work?!
  2. What's the difference between sultanas and raisins?
    Is there one?
  3. Why are they called bobby pins?
    Who the F is Bobby? Is he the one stealing all of my pins? Because I have like 3/182 at the moment.
  4. Why are Scotch and Whisky considered manly drinks?
    Hey history, what's up with that? Pour me another!
  5. There's a word for when a song gets stuck in your head..
    I've heard it before, but can't remember it. And it's slightly annoying me.. But not enough to google.
  6. Bow-ties.. Why?
    Why are they fancy? And why are they fancier than normal ties?
  7. Where does the word 'mingle' come from?
    Mingle. Mingle... MINGGGGLE. Weird word.
  8. What did squirrels evolve from? What did squirrel ancestors look like?
    Like in dinosaur times, what was the original squirrel?