A lot has gone on. With many different people. I won't provide context because otherwise this list will become an essay and that's not very list-ish. Plus, it's more mysterious this way, and who doesn't love a little mystery?
  1. "Excuse you, I wasn't finished speaking."
  2. "Do not condescend me."
  3. "How dare you accuse me of that."
  4. "Stop being greedy."
  5. "You don't deserve this."
  6. "Hey, how are you going?"
  7. "It really sucks that you're bailing on our date and only letting me know 40 minutes before we're supposed to meet."
  8. "You're texting me this? Not even a courtesy call?"
  9. "You suck."
  10. "You're rude."
  11. "You're a waste of my time."
  12. "I look up to you."
  13. "I love you."
  14. I'll try again tomorrow.. ✌🏻