Ponderings of a slightly bored soul. 🤔
  1. If I told strangers, casually in conversation, that I was a firefighter, would they believe me?
  2. I wonder if I could go a whole day or week without talking about dance. At all. This includes people trying to talk to me about dance related things.
    Because sometimes it feels like that's all there is in my life and I wonder if people are curious/interested in other things about me.
  3. Who was I in past lives?
    If they exist, if I could find out, that would be beyond amazing. Like, really, I'd give anything to get that info.
  4. Could I pretend to be a male for a day and would I notice people treating me differently?
  5. What would it be like to be the oldest sibling?
    I'm the youngest, to my twin brother and older sister. It's something I'll never truly experience/know! Weird.
  6. Does my dog understand my rambling commentary?
    I sincerely hope so.
  7. Will I ever publish all of the lists in my draft folder?
    Probably not...
  8. Giphy