And I'm not quite sure how to handle this newness in my life..
  1. I've only ever dated people who were at least friends of friends or who I've met, then chatted with for a while before going out.
  2. So this is a whole new thing for me.
  3. And pretty damn scary.
  4. I mean, what if he turns out to be some creepy weirdo?
  5. But more importantly, what if he doesn't like dogs?
  6. What if he has never watched The Office or Parks & Rec?
  7. What are we supposed to talk about then?
  8. I'm assuming he'll turn up on time..
    Because if he doesn't without a valid reason that's a big X.
  9. We're meeting at a cafe near me.
    Public, casual, crowded place. For safety and general ice breakers. E.g "the coffee here is really good, so is the banana bread."
  10. 43% of me is nervous because I don't really go on a lot of dates.
    Only 2 in the past year.
  11. 47% is nervous because small talk is not my strong suit.
    See example above. ☝🏻️
  12. And 10% is reminding myself that I'm an awesome lady who is interesting & smart & and worthwhile talking to if you have a general interest in fun facts, learning something new and philosophy.
  13. So, please send good & calming vibes to quell the butterflies. 🙏🏻
  14. I will probably write about it later, because this should be a pretty interesting experience whichever way it goes.
    And if it all goes horribly wrong, at least I'll have a good story to tell, right?
  15. See you on the other side.