It's not you, it's me!
  1. I'll be taking an unofficial hiatus from TLA for a while.
  2. Not because I don't absolutely love it here!
    You're all super wonderful & I absolutely adore you all. Sincerely.
  3. These next few weeks/month-ish, however, is the busiest I'll have ever been in my life.
  4. And I am already struggling to maintain some semblance of normalcy while balancing a lot of things.
    I tend to over commit myself..
  5. And you all deserve my most fruitful time, attention & lists!
  6. So here's why I'm taking a little time off;
  7. Next week I'll been away on a dance camp teaching.
    We make hundreds of the most talented kids in Sydney come out to a rural area (with little reception) and dance ALL. WEEK. It's awesome! I love being a teacher there!
  8. I start a contract with a contemporary company after that!
    Which is INSANE! My first big contract, and rehearsals run 9am-7pm every day.. Which means all of my time and energy goes into this super cool opportunity!
  9. I'm still studying full time at university.
    They're letting me have the time off to make this rehearsal period work (which is so rare & wonderful of any uni to gift their students with!).
  10. So I'll be learning content on my own and writing essays/assessments with every spare second I get.
  11. Then I go straight into tech week with my cast for a project I've been choreographing/working on all year.
  12. THEN I go into tech week for the Company show!
  13. And during all of this I am still teaching & rehearsing with another whole separate company at night AND in talks with some creatives on a new dance film project.
  14. So..
  15. Yeah...
  16. This list is basically just me trying to organise my life and wrap my head around the next couple of months..
  17. I'm gonna have to adult for a while..
    How, though? I'm sure I'll figure it out..
  18. So, just to keep my sanity, I don't think I can expel any more energy..
  19. If I need a break from it all, you will be my first port of call.
  20. I just didn't want to drop off the face of the digital earth..
  21. So I may be a little quiet for a while, and I feel like I'll be missing out on some big & enlightening things on here!
  22. But I'll see you all soon.
  23. And who knows, if I find the inspiration to write, I may be able to squeeze something out!
  24. But I really look forward to just being an observer for a while 🤓
  25. See you soon, lovelies!
  26. *dances away off into the distance*