Your advice is very much appreciated!
  1. Guys, I'm getting sick. 😷🤕
  2. I don't have time for this shit.
  3. It's not in my schedule. 🗓
  4. I'm booked up until the end of May!
    I'm not joking. Every day is already organised. No wiggle room. 🐛
  5. I've got a lot of dancin' to do.
  6. So how do I get rid of the germs?
  7. And not honey & lemon tea or hot totties or soup.
    I'm already on all that, I've been keeping up liquids and all that good stuff.
  8. I need your unconventional remedies.
    Something I haven't heard of??
  9. Please help.
  10. This busy lady needs you. 🐝