A point Rainn Wilson made on Tim Ferris' podcast got me thinking...
  1. We experience hundreds of impulses every day.
    Usually, you acknowledge them and then move on with your normal, socially acceptable behaviour.
  2. But what if you acted upon them? For example;
    Here are some of my recent impulses, and the more universal ones, I assume.
  3. Making loud/funny outbursts in a quiet place.
    Libraries, cinemas, trains. Insane.
  4. Falling off a cliff.
    "What would happen if I just took that step?" Your inner voice whispers. You take a step towards crazy town.
  5. Bursting out into song/dance.
    Fun! But insane.
  6. Turning the steering wheel and driving off that bridge you're on.
    Double insane.
  7. Suddenly running really fast along a crowded street.
    An interesting social experiment. But you will definitely get looks of accusatory insanity.
  8. Verbalising those conversations in your head.
  9. Dropping a knife and it hitting your foot.
    You're a nut case. That will hurt.
  10. Most of these would simply cause discomfort in others and earn you a sideways glance.
  11. People might move away from you on the bus.
  12. But you could also die...
  13. Keep your impulses in check, kids!
  14. Any other impulses you've experienced? ➕
  15. Tell people how I *really* feel about them
    Suggested by @imc
  16. Take off my shirt
    Suggested by @imc