WAIT, hear me out.. Submarines & voting is an unusual combination, I know, but I implore you to read on.
  1. In Australia today, the government & Australia Council announced ANOTHER huge cut to arts funding.
  2. So a huge chunk of amazing, productive, ground breaking arts organisations & dance companies have lost all of their money.
    We've been cut down to the bone.
  3. Companies that have been around for 50+ years, making great art in Australia, will be shutting their doors.
  4. And while, yes, some companies have gotten their funding renewed or their applications granted..
    Which is fantastic. And I don't envy the panel who had to decide on who got money, and who didn't.
  5. So many dancers, creators & visionaries are now having to start again.
  6. And it makes me incredibly sad, angry and scares the crap out of me.
  7. My first question is; why are the arts always the first thing to get metaphorically thrown off a cliff?
  8. While spending $50 BILLION on building submarines is totally fine.
    If you're spending that much, I want my own submarine. Thanks.
  9. And I know it's not just submarines.. That there are other, worthy, things like education, health care, research!
    Which need money too! I know. It's just hard to stomach when you & your friends are looking at a bleak, blank canvas.
  10. And secondly; why do some people think arts aren't important to society in this day and age?
    The world would be so boring without us!
  11. The stigma that "a career in the arts isn't sustainable" is created, proven & prolonged by actions such as this.
  12. Can you imagine a world where the arts was a sustainable career choice? Held to the same decree as doctors, scientists, accountants and other careers of the like?
  13. Wouldn't that be lovely?
  14. Maybe I should do an interpretive dance about submarines.. Will that get me funded?
  15. Help. We're drowning here.. And I don't think the submarines will be ready in time to save the dancers, artists & creative talent in Australia.
  16. Final point..
  17. Find your voice.
    Through research, self-awareness & planning.
  18. Use your voice.
    In a respectable yet determined way.
  19. Voting matters.