And some sassy responses for ya'll to try out!
  1. It's a silly question; what do I do?
  2. I breathe. I talk to my dog in silly voices. There's a plethora of things..
    Need I continue?
  3. And okay, it's fine some times, and an appropriate question on certain occasions.
    And some times I do love telling people what I do!
  4. However...
  5. Careers don't define everyone and their entire being.
  6. There are usually many facets within a single 'job title' that are too lengthy to explain in small talk.
  7. Plus, do you really want to know? Or are you just being polite?
    Ever the cynic, ladies & gents..
  8. Social scripts are such a weird thing..
    Which we all subconsciously follow, to an extent; think about it. But it's a different list for a different time.
  9. To be perfectly (and shamefully) honest though, I can't think of any alternative questions at the moment..
    There's a bit of a creative block happening right now. Let's not get into it..
  10. But because sarcasm comes much more freely & easily...
  11. Here are some sassy responses, as promised;
    Use at your own discretion, based on how little you want to reveal and how forward this stranger is being..
  12. "I turn up at an assigned place at a designated time and make stuff happen."
  13. "I eat burritos."
  14. "I write lists."
  15. "I poop."
  16. Or tell them you're Batman.
  17. "I walk around my house in the rudey-nudey."
  18. "I wash my hair more/less often than I should."
  19. "I binge watch tv shows."
  20. "I have quote-offs with myself based on said tv shows."
  21. "I drink green tea & white wine in pretty much equal quantities."
  22. *Put hand up in their face* "Sorry, peanut butter is boyfriend."
    For when you need to pull out the big guns in a bar situation.
  23. Put your own spin on it all! ➕
    And enjoy the reactions you receive 😏