2014 was not a great year for me. In 2015 my son introduced me to an interview on a podcast that started me down the rabbit hole of this emerging genre of informational goodness. These we're the ones I most listened to in 2015.
  1. 1) Tim Ferriss - the Grandmaster Flash of the podcast world. Hope to do a list of all the changes I have made based on the info gleaned from his shows.
  2. 2) Ben Greenfield - heavily focused on the health and wellness world, which is an interest of mine. This is another show that has been influential on increasing the quality of my life this past year.
  3. 3) James Altucher - has a unique style which draws you in. Covers a variety of interesting topics. Seems to genuinely care about helping people and changing the world. I hope that is truly the case. Known primarily from his business forays but offers insight in too all the areas he covers.
  4. 4) Rhonda Patrick, PhD - her interview on Joe Rogan's show is the one that hooked me on to the utility of this platform. Her show also deals primarily in health and wellness but from a deeper scientific perspective.
  5. 5) Jonathan Levi - just recently ran across his show and have enjoyed the couple of episodes that I have listened to. Seems to be in the same vein as Tim Ferriss' show.
  6. 6) Stefan Molyneux - I eschew any political information from the TV and most printed sources. I was turned on to Stefan's show and enjoy his cut to the heart of the matter style.