1. Actress
    I wanted to be this for a rlllly long time. Up until just a few years ago actually.
  2. English Teacher
    I quickly decided against this when I saw how much grading my fave English teacher does, and how he barley has time to spend w/ family. English teacher is still kinda my backup tho..
  3. Buyer for a clothing store
    This one is still on the list, I love clothes & picking out outfits so so much!
  4. Poet
    This one's also still on the list, but I know I couldn't afford to be j u s t a poet so I guess maybe...
  5. A Writer
    I love writing but I can't really do fiction novels, so I'd like to be a columnist or something???
  6. I've decided maybe I'll get an English degree????
  7. I still don't know