@spac3zine impossible to list only ten things I'd rather do, so instead I will treat you to a list of ten somewhat painful things I actually did.
  1. Endure cheap wine hangover.
    Should really know better by now.
  2. Listen to sloppy karaoke duet of Prince's Kiss.
    In an almost empty bar on a Monday night.
  3. Open several weeks-worth of mail in one sitting.
    Acquired two nasty paper cuts in the process.
  4. Launder clothes.
    Finally unpacked from Coachella. Gross.
  5. Travel from Berkeley to Palo Alto.
    Via public transportation. Not recommended.
  6. Hold baby for several minutes.
    Without incident. Not actually that bad.
  7. Cancel plans with dear friend.
    To see Stephin Merritt play 26 songs in alphabetical order. So many shows, so little time.
  8. Pay bills.
    Sure sign of avoidance.
  9. Go for run.
    Another sure sign of avoidance
  10. Bite my nails.
    Should have just revised the motion already.