Things You Do to Pass the Time at the Hair Salon

  1. Text my sister to tell her I'm bored.
    Enjoy short discussion with @Mary about coachella excitement and possible stage names for me.
  2. Text @sogol and ask her to entertain me.
    When she doesn't respond immediately, read and like every one of her recent posts on listapp.
  3. Check out the stunning woman with white hair getting a cut two chairs over from me.
    Ardently hope that I can pull that off someday.
  4. Check out all the dads who brought their sons in for haircuts.
    There are a surprising number of them in this chichi salon, but I guess that's Palo Alto for you. Consider whether I would have agreed to have children with any of them. One dad is very tall, and one seems very charming, but still conclude that I would not.
  5. Play Scramble.
    Lose to @andy but beat @sophy which is usually impossible. Delay starting a new game with her to bask in the glory of the win just a little longer.
  6. Stare at beautiful white-haired woman some more.