I will start by saying that she's my fur baby and I love her and I plan on doing a whole list about my love for her soon, but sometimes I wish she would chill
  1. Eating my book bag
    I leave my book bag on the floor by my desk every night and sometimes when I'm not paying attention she goes and starts eating the rubbery part. My book bag is now covered in chew marks and that makes it hard to look like a bad bitch in class
  2. Pushing all the hay in her bowl out onto the floor immediately after I put it in there
    She acts so excited to be fed and then just pushes it all out instantly and doesn't even eat it, like what??
  3. Pooping on the hay she was supposed to eat
    Sometimes she poops on it because she pushed it onto the floor, and sometimes she sticks her entire ass in her food bowl and just lets it all go
  4. Chewing any wire she ever has come in contact with
    Very annoying. Very dangerous
  5. Trying to eat my tv remote
  6. Eating her litter box during the night when she has to be in her cage
    She maybe is doing this just to spite me
  7. Peeing on my bed
    Lost her bed privileges as soon as I got her, but she sometimes will still jump up there when I'm not looking, and then I'll find the pee spot later :)
  8. I'd like to end this list by saying all her disobedience is forgiven because she is the sweetest creature in this world