1. Some facts about me:
    The man, the myth, the legend
  2. I'm in college
    *please clap*
  3. My major is Secondary English Education
  4. I've used tears to win an argument one too many times
  5. Frequent offender of wearing gray on gray
    And you know what? I don't get why it's even a bad thing. EVERYONE LOOKS GOOD IN GRAY
  6. I love crafts
  7. If I spell something wrong in a list, I WILL go back and edit it and just shut up if you saw it, okay?
  8. I love "Space Jam" (song and movie)
    It's your chance, do your dance at the space jammmm
  9. I hold the strong belief that we should all stop telling others about listapp
    Don't want this to become anything like the other social medias
  10. FULL DISCLOSURE: if anyone from my family finds this app I will delete my account