Requested by @Marie23
  1. I was riding on a megabus over Christmas break to go visit my boyfriend's family
  2. I caught a glimpse of what book the girl in front of me was reading
  3. "One More Thing" by @bjnovak!
  4. I googled B.J. Novak just for shits and gigs
  5. Eventually that led me to an article about listapp
  6. (I only skimmed the article) I went to download it, thinking it was literally an app for making personal to-do lists
    I was interested 😏😏organization😏😏
  7. But once it downloaded and I started checking it out, I realized it was something even better
  8. I went on everyday, just to read. But I had zero followers and never did post anything of my own until late February
    Thought I'd give it a shot
  9. Now, I make lists every week and I'm delighted to be a part of, not only this app, but this wonderful community!