1. •
    So I have a project due tomorrow
  2. •
    and I've had 2 weeks to get it done
  3. •
    Like any logical student I waited til today to start it
  4. •
    "I'll just sit down and barrel through it tonight" I told myself all day long
  5. •
    So tonight rolls around
  6. •
    I start thinking, for the 85th time since it happened, about Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar last night
  7. •
    I start watching YouTube vids of Leonardo DiCaprio on Ellen
  8. •
    Next step obviously was to watch the entire Titanic movie, a 3 hour 15 minute long film, instead of doing my homework
  9. •
    I cried 4 times
    Once when the old couple is laying in their bed, holding each other as the water swirls up around them. Second time, when Jack told Rose she was gonna have a bunch of babies. Third time, looking at all the pictures Rose keeps on her nightstand of her young self living a full life. And of course, once at the end when Rose sees Jack again, waiting by the clock for her for all eternity. (Side note: did she die at the end or was that just like a vivid dream?)
  10. •
    So, movie ended, and here we are at this very moment
  11. •
    My project is not done, but I was taken on a beautiful, emotional journey, directed by James Cameron and featuring Celine Dion's "My heart will go on"
  12. •
  13. •
    🎶every night in my dreams I see you I FEEL YOU🎶
  14. •
    If I fail this class I'll have nobody to blame but young Leo