1. Fun fact: My mom's side of the family has some serious affection for I Love Lucy and anything Lucille Ball-related
  2. I'm talking I Love Lucy decor, plates, Christmas ornaments, t-shirts, and countless other memorabilia
    It's borderline obsessive
  3. Naturally, my mom's side's love for the show (and the woman herself) was carried over to me
    I was basically raised on I Love Lucy box sets
  4. I've seen every episode at least twice
    All 180
  5. My little brother and I still bond while discussing our favorite jokes and episodes
  6. I went to the Lucille Ball Museum in Jamestown and I stayed there all day. Twice.
    I'm embarrassed
  7. But not too embarrassed, because Lucy is an icon and a treasure
  8. Giphy
  9. Giphy
  10. Thanks for the years of entertainment, Lucille!