1. I was home at my parents' house over the last weekend and I was casually looking through a drawer that apparently hasn't been cleaned out since the house was bought
  2. But I actually found something pretty cool!
  3. My mom's old match collection!
    (Sorry this picture is sideways)
  4. These Joe Smooth (Camel) matches are from 1991 - complete with Joe Smooth's philosophy on the back
    It was something like, "Never be scared at a horror movie unless the guy sitting next to you is polishing his chainsaw." Thanks, Joe Smooth
  5. Some of them came in really pretty casing
  6. Like this one from Bartsch Floral Shoppe
    That's some pretty fancy spelling there
  7. Cape Cod 1992
  8. My parents' wedding day
    My mom said a lot of our older relatives had handed out matches at their weddings, and she wanted to do the same
  9. I never knew my mom used to collect matches until I found those in the back of that drawer
  10. Many of the businesses that she collected those from are no longer there
  11. She had forgotten about it too until she started looking through them
  12. Coming from someone who has never been particularly close with their mom, it made me feel like I know her just a little better