Feeling very down on myself tonight so I'm gonna make this list to let all 8 of my followers know how truly great I think I am
  1. I'm in school to be a teacher
    People tell me this is a "noble" thing to be doing. Others tell me it is a horrible idea. I will only listen to the people who are complimenting my character
  2. I have friends and they all pretty much like me
    If my friends all like me then there's gotta be something good going on here
  3. I can read books really fast
    I'm proud of this skill
  4. I am not usually mean to people
  5. I am sometimes very nice to people
  6. I can usually make my friends laugh when they're sad
  7. I have an eye for decorating
    Or at least I think I do. If no one else, the way I decorate pleases ME
  8. I don't litter