I moved into my first apartment last summer. It's not perfect but it's home 💖 so I thought I'd give yinz guys a tour of my room
  1. Let's start with my most prized possession: my bed
    Featuring: My stuffed animal elephants that I sleep with every night even tho I am a full grown adult
  2. I scored this for $1 at a store that was like .5 seconds away from going out of business
  3. This chill ass zebra was also only $2 at the same store
    'Twas a steal
  4. The night stand by my bed
    Yankee candle is called "good morning" (smells like muffins)
  5. Curtains
    They stay closed
  6. Bulletin board holds nothing useful, but is proof that I order a lot of Chinese food
    Also keeps my $1,000,000 bill safe
  7. My desk/tapestry
  8. Favorite item on desk is my bulldog tape-holder
    His names Lou
  9. Hanging chalk board
    (My New Years resolution was to try and go to sleep at a decent hour)
  10. What's up, guys
  11. Bookshelf
  12. Fav item from bookshelf: deer head book ends
  13. Top of dresser
  14. Least favorite item in the whole room: this stupid thing
    I wake up every morning and think "And". It's annoying. But it matched the color scheme so here we are
  15. Side note: I made these things in this vase out of styrofoam balls and thumb tacs
  16. I think the lady on Pinterest said they're called dragon eggs
  17. This furry ass rug
    Good for laying on during meltdowns
  18. I couldn't quite get the full room in a pic but here's my attempt
  19. BONUS: my rabbit matches
    Queen 👑🐰