Here's a list of all the things I'm supposed to be doing
  1. My self observation language diary for Intro to Linguistics
    This activity is not too bad. It's just a weekly assignment where I have to tell of something strange I do in my language that I've observed throughout the day. I haven't done one yet that I didn't just make something up. I'm not doing it right now even though I should be, because it is due tomorrow.
  2. Showering
    This is an activity I generally enjoy. Plus I just went to the gym so it's high time for shower hour. But, alas, I am not doing it.
  3. Writing my paper on the Syrian Refugee situation in Europe for Geography
    This one's a real downer. Not because I don't find current events interesting and important but because it's for World Regional Geography, which has nothing to do with my major (English Education) and I feel that gen eds are a scam. Once again, I'm not doing it right now.
  4. Working on my PowerPoint presentation for Production and Utilization of Instructional Technology.
    Yo, this activity BLOWS. It's gonna take me a long time and the topic I have to do mine on is too boring to even type out on here. 0/10 motivation to do this activity, so I'm not.
  5. That sums up all the stuff I have to do tonight. Don't know if I'm gonna get it all done, but fully expect to at least make progress with showering.