We all reach a point in our lives where we can't constantly care about others judging us. For me that point was reached in middle school.
  1. Laughing at professors' jokes in class even if no one else does
    For some reason it happens a lot. A professor will tell a joke and sometimes be genuinely funny and the class will not spare even one chuckle. But I will. I hate to leave a dude or lady hangin'
  2. Running in a full out sprint to make sure I catch the campus bus
    This bitch has places to be!
  3. Once crocheted for more than an hour in the middle of my living room, where my roommates were simultaneously attempting to throw a ~raging~ party
    On one hand I was being passive aggressive because I didn't feel like having people over, on the other hand I didn't feel like moving.
  4. Weird eating habits
    I wrote about this in one of my first lists, but to summarize I have to eat the whole outside of things before I eat the inside. People notice.
  5. Once in high school, I was walking behind the kid I had a crush on/was deeply obsessed with. I knew he hadn't seen me yet and I attempted to playfully swat at his gym bag, but at the last second his bag shifted and I ended up fully spanking him. He turned around very shocked and I acted like I had meant to do it
    This one I am embarrassed about.
  6. Once in middle school, my mom forced me to hang out with this girl who went to my school but with whom I was barely acquaintances with. Instead of hanging out with her for the night like I was supposed to, I watched Pirates of the Caribbean alone in her basement and refused to come upstairs
    This one is less of me being weird and more of me being extremely rude.
  7. Watched several zit popping videos on YouTube on my laptop in the middle of the crowded student union building
    For many people, zit popping is a no. For me it is a big yes.